Here are some of the steps we are taking to help reduce the environmental impact of the practice:


- Use of energy-saving and long-life fluorescent bulbs where possible, with indirect lighting fixtures designed to minimize eye strain

  1. -LED dental lights that save energy and do not produce excess heat

  2. -All treatment rooms feature natural light, which not only helps to save energy, but also provides a more relaxing, airy and comfortable atmosphere for patients and staff


- Digital X-ray system, which eliminates the need for chemical-intensive photographic finishing processes and photographic film

  1. -Digital patient records, which reduce the amount of printing and paper in the office.

  2. -Apple iMac computers, which feature EPEAT Gold and Energy Star ratings, LED lighting, use of recyclable materials such as aluminum and glass, low power consumption and lower levels of toxins--and elimination of some toxins including mercury and arsenic in the displays

Finish materials

  1. -Low VOC wall paints

  2. -CRI Green Label carpeting free of PVC, phthalates and PBD/PBDE, which can be 100% recycled in the future

- Office chairs made from a significant proportion of recycled materials, which are highly recyclable again in the future

Plumbing fixtures    

- A dry vacuum system, which saves hundreds of gallons of water per day versus traditional wet-ring vacuum systems

  1. -Energy-Star appliances and high efficiency washer

  2. -Amalgam separator to capture amalgam materials from clinic wastewater

  3. -Low water flow bathroom and sink fixtures

Arbor Gate

  1. -Our choice in facility location was based in part on finding a building designed for energy efficiency and with a view towards sustainability. Arbor Gate is an urban in-fill project that is centrally located and accessible by mass transit. The project features many state of the art technologies and designs. For example, the building’s heating and cooling equipment is computer controlled for maximum efficiency and allows for more fresh air circulation then was possible in systems from even just a few years ago. The building also features expansive and high-tech windows that maximize natural light, but minimize solar gain, glare and heat build-up. Also, the ‘Winona Travertine’ facade of the building is an attractive time-tested material that was quarried in Minnesota.

Web site

- Our web site host purchases wind power credits from its utility to power its many servers, routers, monitors, HVAC and humidity control systems.

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